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About WICCI - BioEnzyme Council 

BE the life force

WICCI is an abbreviation of Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. WICCI is a premier All-India National Women’s Chamber empowering women entrepreneurs and leaders in all walks of life through advocacy, pro-active representations to government, implementing projects for women via funds allocated by various government agencies and corporates, plus bringing awareness on all issues that concern women in their workplace. WICCI BE (Bio-Enzyme) Council was formed in August 2022 and is a part of the large organisation that actively engages the voice of thousands of women entrepreneurs and professionals. It was formed with the perspective of sharing knowledge about BE, giving economic freedom to women and raising an awareness of global environmental crises and remedial actions.

Our Story

The foundation of WICCI BEC is to relieve the Earth from the harmful chemicals that are used in various forms in our day-to-day life. From our floor cleaners to the hand sanitizers, our shampoos to our detergents everything is heavily loaded with multiple compositions of chemicals that cause harm to our environment. Bio-enzyme is an elixir that will cure the Earth of all toxins and make it liveable for generations to come.


WICCI-BEC has strong members who constantly strive for the financial independence of fellow women and motivate them to work towards it. New ideas and uses for BE are discussed, and multiple projects are undertaken like lake remediation, the revival of the rivers, curing domestic animals with the help of BE, etc. “Together we can and we will”

As the WICCI Bio-Enzymes Council, we encourage and support women to take up a business set-up to create and retail Bioenzymes and Bioenzymes based products. With low input costs and low investment, but needs bigger support for marketing, sales and promotion to ensure that the product is not only placed well in the market as domestic and cosmetic products, but to work at grass root level - focused on waste management, regenerating soil and water ecosystems.

The primary focus of the WICCI Bio-Enzymes Council is towards supporting women entrepreneurs, budding entrepreneurs, and families of women who want to take up this work. WICCI Bio-Enzymes Council and Bioenzymes Entrepreneurs Academy (BEA) work hand-in-glove to create awareness, to offer training, to create events to spread the message. We encourage everyone to embrace natural, sustainable lives and livelihood, a community-based environmental solution, and entrepreneurial recycling of household waste into Bio-Enzymes.

WICCI- Bio-Enzymes Council has formed a 50 members team in 14 different states with women holding different positions representing their states and various other units. 

The members holding the national titles are Bangalore based and are also serving the Bio-Enzymes Entrepreneurs Academy.

Ms. Priti Rao is the National President, WICCI Bio-Enzymes Council

Ms. Nisha Bhimaiah represents the National Vice President, WICCI Bio-Enzymes Council

Supported by Prachi Prashant, representing the National Operations and Administration Head.


The team of three strong,  diverse and passionate women , who work in different professional fields. Bioenzymes being them on a common ground.


Few of our work and recent projects in the field of Bioenzyme:


  • Building bioenzyme women network in India and South East Asia

  • Encouraging and promoting women entrepreneurs across India

  • Working with SHG on skill development and livelihood projects

  • Working towards creating Bioenzyme Bank of India (BEBI) in every district of our country

  • Designing SEED (skill Enhancement Entrepreneur Development) program for beginners and advance level

We have an open space office located in Bangalore where small seminars and workshops are conducted.

To meet all members collectively, regular virtual meetings are conducted.

Various community events are planned and executed in different regions. Work is collated on the Social Media pages exclusively created for the purpose.

The WICCI  council and the Bio-Enzymes Entrepreneurs Academy undertake several community projects.

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