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Bio-Enzyme Entrepreneurs Academy (BEA, India) is an apex body of Bio-Enzyme producers and promoters for research, education, training, testing, accreditation and promotion of Bio-Enzymes for a sustainable life & livelihood. 


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We are engaged in driving a national mission towards community based solution to environmental and livelihood issues.  We see the solution to civic issues in cities and villages, in community based entrepreneurial recycling of household waste into Bio-Enzymes, Bio-Compost and Bio-Gas. We work at grass root level - focused on waste management, regenerating soil and water ecosystems.


At BEA, we are driven by a single goal; to do our part in making the world a better place for all. Through our platform, we encourage micro entrepreneurs, individuals and organisations to produce & consume alternate natural products using Bio-Enzymes. We strive to build an engaging community of bioenzymes producers, innovators & entrepreneurs by sharing knowledge, research and setting quality standards. Collectively, we stand for Zero-Waste Homes, Housing Societies, Schools, Campuses and Communities.

Bioenzyme Entrepreneurs Academy is an initiative of Soil and Soul Foundation

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  • BEA through their Members Network shares the knowledge about Bioenzymes through various platforms. Our Members have been conducting Workshops & training sessions across various cities and towns in India. Training is provided to individuals, schools, corporates, NGOs, colleges, etc. Over the last year, Train-the-Trainer & Online training models have helped us scale our reach

  • In alignment with the new National Education Policy 2020, BEA is working on developing a Two years skill based Master’s programme covering Entrepreneurship in Bio-Enzymes Management. The objective of the programme is to impart required competency in skill set and knowledge for becoming self-employed as well as employable. BEA is actively collaborating with several universities 

  • BEA is creating Intern opportunities for students so that they gain first hand experience on Bioenzymes which will help them build their career in research, development or business

Mentoring & Facilitation

  • BEA has been guiding and mentoring many entrepreneurs in setting up their business around Bioenzymes

  • We've tied up with a NABL Certified Labs to ensure Quality Controls for Bioenzymes production. Actively working on standardizing the process & workflow so that it helps the producers in delivering quality products at an affordable prices

  • Efforts are on to facilitate support for key aspects of starting a business such as Planning, Funding, Branding, etc.

  • BEA is working towards creating Bioenzyme Banks across India, on a pilot basis. The objective is to bring the consumers and producers to together

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  • BEA is collaborating with various Government agencies and local communities to restore waterbodies, rivers, lakes and ponds using Bioenzymes. Throughout the year, BEA members have helped restoring many waterbodies across India

  • BEA is advocating the use of bioenzymes to reduce the burden on municipal infrastructure such as Sewage Treatment Plant (STP), Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP), Wet waste treatment centres, etc. Proof of concept is being delivered


Let's bring the change together!

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Our members get exclusive access to Members Only resources on our website. We've curated good amount of information on Bioenzymes -  from DIY guides to research papers.


Also, as a Member -  participate in BEA events, interact with experienced practitioners, learn producing quality Bioenzymes, network with producers / mentors, get support for your community projects, avail discounts for testing, BEA logo for your branding and much more! 

All this for a nominal fee. 


There's something for everyone. Whether you are a Student, Individual, Self-Help group or Commercial entity, we've got you covered. We have easy & flexible plans - choose a plan that suits you.

Remember, BEA is not-for-profit organization. We are neither funded by the Government nor by any other agency.  Membership fee is the only source of income for us to sustain our work.


Yes. Your Membership means a lot to us!


"Little drops of water makes a mighty ocean"

It has just been little less than a year since we launched BEA.

Acceptance from our stakeholders is overwhelming. We've achieved small, but significant progress.

This wouldn't have been possible without your support & encouragement.

We are motivated to continue the good work, going!

100 plus members added

25 plus entrepreneurs being mentored

6 new expert advisors onboarded

1st World Bioenzyme Day (5th Jan) celebrated

10 Waterbodies restored

100 plus Organisations reached out 

50 plus Seminars delivered

1st BE council initiated at WICCI (Women's Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry)


BEA Newsletter


We regularly bring you the stories of Change Makers who are working tirelessly to heal our environment. 


Participate live or watch the recording of the event. 

Just click on the event to watch the videos of our past events on our YouTube Channel


August 8, 2021

How river Godavari is being revived in Nanded, Maharashtra and drainage water is being treated in Delhi. Both  just using Bioenzyme.


August 8, 2021

Interactive Theater Session connecting our actions to Bioenzymes, hosted by Nisha Bhimaiah


August 8, 2021

How to make good quality Bioenzymes at home. Practical tips, tricks and more!! Program by Shrekanth



August 8, 2021

Vani Murthy sharing her experience on Waste Management and Bioenzymes.



August 15, 2021

Can Fashion, Painting and Arts be eco-friendly? Listen to Harshitha, Nandhitha and Manya how they approach their chosen area of work!

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August 15, 2021

A session that will take you through the unique journey of Playback Theater where you will see your stories come alive!

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August 15, 2021

Shagun Singh takes us on her journey of creating earth-friendly, yet - beautiful spaces!


August 15, 2021

Listen these two amazing women -  Dr. Joean's & Dr. Rosukon, on how they are healing the world using Bioenzyme!


Want to know who's behind the scene?
We are a bunch of individuals, who strongly believe Bioenzyme can bring positive change to our environment!

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A Postgraduate in Marketing from Bangalore University, Priti is the Founder & driving force behind Soil and Soul Foundation and Bioenzyme Entrepreneurs Academy. With two decades of work experience, Priti is a Sustainability practitioner and Yoga teacher. She holds a black belt in karate and has won a National gold medal for flying & aero-modelling. Priti loves traveling, teaching, and connecting with people.

Cutting across boundaries and expertise, we are united with one simple Mission :
'to promote Bio-Enzymes for natural and sustainable living'


Working Together

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Bangalore, India

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